Yorkshire Wensleydale & Ginger Cheesecake


200g (8oz) crushed digestive biscuits (or use a Gluten Free alternative) 

75g (3oz) melted butter

500g (1lb) Yorkshire Wensleydale & Ginger cheese

500g (1lb) cream cheese

Pouring cream to mix

125g (5oz) stem ginger in syrup

Icing sugar to taste


1. Mix together the digestive biscuits and melted butter.  Press down firmly in a 20cm (8”) loose bottomed cake tin and refrigerate.

2. Mix together the Yorkshire Wensleydale & Ginger cheese and cream cheese, add enough cream to make a stiff consistency.  Add the stem ginger and then the icing sugar to taste.

3. Spread the cheese mixture onto the biscuit base and refrigerate until needed.


  • Val Edwards

    I sampled the Wensleydale and Cranberry cheese recently – a lovely flavour and lingering aftertaste that took me back many years, reminding me of a superb traditional Polish cheesecake I used to buy from a deli. in Chiswick, London. Your recipe with ginger is on my ‘to do’ list, as is cheese and apple cake with cranberries. Many of my childhood holidays were spent in a tiny cottage at Crow Corner in Middleham, near Leyburn and memories of home-cured bacon, eggs laid that morning, mushrooms fresh from the field and veg. from the garden, have come flooding back. MMmmmm….

  • M

    This sounds delicious – can I freeze say half of it? If so for how long? Thanks

    • Wensleydale Creamery

      Hi, we would recommend reducing the recipe and making a smaller cheesecake, rather than freezing. Many thanks.

      • Colin

        I’ve been making this recipe for years. Today I found the new Tesco Wensleydale with Rhubarb and made it with that…absolutely lush. Also I use ginger biscuits for the base, for added flavour. Super job!

        • Wensleydale Creamery

          Hi Colin, we’re so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying making this recipe! Just so you know, we don’t supply the Tesco Wensleydale with Rhubarb. All of our Wensleydale is called ‘Yorkshire Wensleydale’. It is PGI protected as it is made in Wensleydale. So if it doesn’t say ‘Yorkshire Wensleydale’ we don’t make it! You can view our fruity blends here: https://www.wensleydale.co.uk/cheese-c20/fruity-and-savoury-blends-c39

    • Helen Sinclair

      We have bought several pieces of this cheesecake and it freezes well. It doesn’t last long though as we can’t wait to take it out the freezer and eat it. Best cheesecake ever.

  • Lorraine Cooling

    I am going to make this for friends visiting. Can you tell me if you crumble, grate ? Wensleydale cheese to add to cream cheese. Just don’t want to end up with lumps in the cheesecake mix. Thank you.

    • Wensleydale Creamery

      Hi, we crumble it in our recipe. If you are concerned about lumps you may wish to crumble and then “mash” with a fork to break the pieces down even more. Hope that helps!

      • Lorraine Cooling

        Thank you. Making this cheesecake this morning now!

  • Mrs L. Skilleter

    Not being a ginger fan, I’ve made this recipe several times with different varieties of your cheese! I’ve just done an Orange and Champagne Wensleydale one for Christmas, and in the summer I did a Limoncello and a Blueberry Wensleydale, all delicious! I wonder if you could do the same in your restaurant? I would love to have cheesecake for a treat when we visit but it’s always ginger!

  • Katherine

    This is the most amazing cheesecake! You have no idea how happy I am to see this recipe!!

  • Ruth

    I love, love, love this recipe. Thanks for inventing it!

  • Sarah E Birkin

    I made this but used equal weights of digestive biscuits and ginger nut biscuits. it was very more-ish!

  • christine wilkinson

    I am sat in the Wensleydale Creamery, in the sunshine, eating Wensleydale and ginger cheesecake. It is absolutely yummy and I can’t wait to make my own. Thank you so much for the recipe!