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Seared Scallops with Marinated Yorkshire Wensleydale

Enjoy Yorkshire Wensleydale like you never have before! Enjoy seared scallops with marinated Yorkshire Wensleydale, sour dough croutons, black olives and red chilli!

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Confit Duck Pithivier with Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cranberries

Enjoy this delicious confit duck pithivier with Yorkshire Wensleydale and Cranberries. A pithivier (pit-tiv-ee-er) is a round, enclosed pie usually made by baking two disks of puff pastry.

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Fresh Asparagus with Chorizo & Yorkshire Wensleydale

Enjoy a fresh asparagus, Yorkshire chorizo and Yorkshire Wensleydale with granary toast, crème fraîche and pine nuts.

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Heritage Tomato Salad with Yorkshire Wensleydale Pesto and Mousse

A fresh and delicious heritage tomato salad with Yorkshire Wensleydale mousse, Yorkshire Wensleydale pesto, honey, walnuts and capers.

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The secret to Wensleydale Blue

A true delicacy, inside the natural rind of the cheese, a close textured, creamy blue cheese with a delicate mellow, yet full flavour, which is notably not strong or harsh is revealed. Wensleydale Blue is steeped in heritage & provenance; it represents the original, matured Wensleydale cheese that was made throughout Wensleydale by the Cistercian […]

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Meet our Limited Edition cheese truckles!

We’re on a mission to keep the nation’s cheese lovers on their toes with the launch of three limited edition truckles set to transform the cheeseboard at home and your virtual cheese & wine nights! Following the launch of our Online Deli with UK-wide delivery and our Weekly Deli Box with cheese and accompaniments for […]

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