Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese is the secret ingredient set to be the “Icing” on the (Fruit) Cake this Christmas!

We proudly champion the flavoursome pairing of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese & Fruit Cake, it’s a delight loved and enjoyed by many all year round, but most cherished at Christmas time.

We know that as the festive season fast approaches, this food pairing is set to excite the taste buds of the nation and get everyone talking! The combination of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with fruit cake is a renowned Yorkshire delicacy, with the creamy, crumbly flavour of the cheese complementing the rich, sweet fruit cake.

As we talk about this fantastic food pairing during the year, we’re always so astounded as to how many of you love to eat your fruit cake with cheese! From ex-pats in Aus and the US to those exiled to Lancashire and beyond. This tradition has been passed down for generations and we’re always comforted that many of you stand by the idea that however fine your slice of fruit cake, it can always be improved by the addition of a slice of cheese.


We commissioned a nationwide survey with Opinion Matters to explore other Christmas traditions and secret festive pairings. The research found half of Brits said they were really open to finding new Christmas traditions (48%), with almost a quarter up for trying a slice of Yorkshire Wensleydale on their fruit cake (23%).

No one knows exactly which genius Yorkshireman created this sensation, but the custom was firmly established by Victorian times, with Joseph Lucas’s 1871 book ‘Studies In Nidderdale’ describing how, “On Christmas Eve one Yule Cake is given to each member of the family, along with a piece of Christmas cheese.” The association with Christmas is likely due to how Yorkshire Wensleydale was traditionally made in spring and summer and matured until at least autumn in time for Christmas.

So if you’re wondering why you found a square fruit cake in your hamper from us this festive season…this is why. Give it a chance, you’ll never look back!



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