Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese & Fruit Cake: The Perfect Christmas Combination

As the festive season fast approaches, one food pairing that is set to excite the taste buds of the nation and get everyone talking is Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese and fruit cake – a popular Christmas pairing, which sits proudly amongst the long-standing traditions of God’s Own County.

The combination of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with fruit cake is a renowned Yorkshire delicacy, with the creamy, crumbly flavour of the cheese complementing the rich, sweet fruit cake. The intriguing and special flavour combination is enjoyed all year round but is especially popular at Christmas.

We proudly champion the flavoursome match and commissioned a nationwide survey with Opinion Matters to explore other Christmas traditions and secret festive pairings.

The research found half of Brits say they are really open to finding new Christmas traditions (48%), with almost a quarter up for trying a slice of Yorkshire Wensleydale on their fruit cake (23%). Amongst other less known traditional pairings, with one in three are open to trying bratwurst sausage pigs in blankets (31%) and one in five would be intrigued to sample apple butter (22%).

Over half (56%) of UK adults admit that they have always eaten the same food at Christmas, with just over a quarter (28%) saying that they find eating the same food every Christmas boring and repetitive. With nearly two in five (38%) saying that they can’t remember the last time they tried something new at Christmas, Wensleydale Creamery is confident its creamy, crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with rich, fruit cake is the perfect tradition to try this Christmas!

David Hartley, Managing Director of the Wensleydale Creamery, comments: “The legendary delicacy of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese and fruit cake is something we are proud to champion. 

“This is a true Northern tradition, which is a favourite all year round, and we urge people across the UK to try our festive food pairing and look forward to seeing the celebration and enjoyment of this delicious treat across the nation this Christmas.”

Speaking of the unique flavour combination Food Psychologist Dr Christy, who specialises in nutrition, psychology and hypnotherapy said: “The pairing of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with fruit cake is an age-old tradition and a complete sensory experience, bringing together the rich, sweetness of the cake and the fresh, creamy, crumbliness of the cheese, as well as combining different textures and aromas which really makes this pairing special.

“It’s a delicacy enjoyed all year round but is especially loved at Christmas, and a tradition that the nation should get behind.  Proving you no longer have to choose between Christmas cake or a cheese board for dessert. A combination that really is the answer to our prayers!”

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