Wensleydale Blue Cheese Dumplings


454g (1lb) self raising flour

100g (4oz) Wensleydale Blue, crumbled

50g (2oz) fresh chopped parsley

100g (4oz) vegetable suet


145ml (¼ pint) milk


1. Rub suet into flour, add crumbled Wensleydale Blue cheese, salt and parsley.

2. Add milk and shape into 16 dumplings.

3. Either bake individually or simmer in a casserole or hotpot.


  • Lynn-Marie Elliott

    Absolutely fantastic recipe. Easy to follow instructions for method. Will definitely use this recipe again.

  • Ken Smith

    I bought some Wensleydale Blue when we visited last month, I like Shropshire blue too. It’s good to have a rival. Now I’ll have to visit again to restock to try this dumpling recipe….me belly’s rumbling. I”ll have to trade you with our local Lincolnshire plum bread, sausages and Acelet (haslet)