Serve The Most Perfect Cheeseboard This Christmas

Cheeseboards are a wonderful thing – the perfect treat at the end of a long day, a fantastic light lunch, snack or supper, and of course, a delicious way to round off a meal.

Here are our suggestions for how to serve the perfect cheeseboard this festive season.


Always store your cheese wrapped, in an airtight container in the fridge, away from other strong-smelling foods. This will ensure that your cheese keeps its true flavour and prevent it from drying out.

Room Temperature

We recommend removing your cheese from the fridge an hour before serving, so that you can enjoy the full flavour and texture of the cheese. The aromatic and complex flavours of the cheese really begin to appear when cheese is served at room temperature.

Perfect Portions

We recommend approximately 80g of cheese per person for your cheeseboard; and about 4-5 varieties. Think about a selection of cheese varieties that will give you a contrast of flavours, textures and colour on your cheeseboard.

To Garnish or not to Garnish?

Cheese is important but you also need to think about what to enjoy it with! A good biscuit, cracker or delicious bread helps to complement the flavours and textures – as do chutneys, nuts, charcuterie, fruit confits and dried fruits. And don’t forget the rich, moist fruit cake!

A naturally sweet chutney made from apple, sultanas and traditional spices, pairs well with Yorkshire Wensleydale. Whereas a richer, full-bodied chutney such as Fig or Red Onion Marmalade is superb with Wensleydale Blue or Kit Calvert Old-style Wensleydale.

Cheeseboard Etiquette

  • Don’t pre-cut the cheese.
  • Don’t dig the centre out of the cheese and leave the rind behind.
  • Maintain the cheese shape.
  • Use a different knife for every cheese.
  • Enjoy every mouthful!

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