Meet The Maker – Yorkshire Dama Cheese

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Yorkshire Dama Cheese is a story of inspirational bravery by a woman who refused to let her circumstances define or constrain her. It is about finding a new place to call home and new experiences which has lead to the creation of a British multi-award winning cheese and dairy company.

Founder, Razan, arrived in the UK from war-torn Syria in 2012 with her Husband and three young children after losing almost everything, finally settling in Yorkshire. Razan couldn’t find a great tasting quality squeaky cheese anywhere in the supermarkets or local independent farm shops, then she had a brain wave! Why not create a business and make myself Syrian cheese from fresh high-quality Yorkshire milk! With a start-up loan of just £2500, Yorkshire Dama cheese was born!
Meet the Cheese:

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese – Traditional 

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese – 100% Sheep’s Milk

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese – 100% Goats Milk


Meet the Maker

Q How would you describe Yorkshire Dama Cheese in 3 words?

Creamy, Chewy, Tasty

 Q What would you eat with Yorkshire Dama Cheese?

Delicious in a salad, halloumi burger or alternative to chicken.

 Q What would you drink with Yorkshire Dama Cheese?

A white wine

 Q Tell us a fun fact about Yorkshire Dama Cheese?

Our cheese tastes different when you use different ways of cooking it, you can cook it on direct heat like a griddle pan,  fry it, bbq it, or eat it straight from the packet!

Q If you were to choose your top 3 items from our online deli that paired well with Yorkshire Dama Cheese, what would they be?

Yorkshire Chorizo – PicanteRaydale Preserves Chilli Jelly,  Wensleydale Condiments Sweet Chilli Sauce

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