How to choose the right cheese knife for your favourite cheese!

The ultimate and stylish accessory for your cheeseboard night in. Whether you’re casually serving cheese and crackers for the family, or just indulging in some quality ‘me time’ and treating yourself to your favourite cheese, make it even more special by having a good cheese knife that has the appropriate use and blade, to help take your cheeseboard experience to the next level!


Perfect for Brie, ‘Bluemin White‘ or our creamy Wensleydale Blue. 

A soft cheese knife will be short, often with a curved blade and points at the end for picking up the cut cheese. Soft cheese knives often have little holes along the blade which reduce friction, helping to cut through particularly sticky soft cheeses. A soft cheese knife can be found here!


Perfect for classic cheese favourites such as The Yorkshire Creamery Extra Mature Yorkshire Cheddar, Yorkshire Red or our Kit Calvert Old Style Wensleydale 

A traditional hard cheese knife will resemble a small hatchet, with a thick, almost straight blade, enabling you to slice through the cheese in one go! The small hatchet shaped knife is also featured in our Cheesy Cheese Knife Set.


Made for semi-hard cheeses like our Yorkshire Wensleydale and fruity varieties like Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cranberries

A forked-tipped spear is a multipurpose tool that allows you to cut a piece of cheese and then serve, or plate. The narrow blade offers a minimal surface area so your cheese doesn’t stick. This simple, stylish cheese knife is the perfect contender.


If you’re looking to ‘wow’ somebody this festive season, treat them to our most luxury cheese knife, the Silver Pewter Mouse Cheese Knife, handmade in Sheffield. Yorkshire or a handmade, oak cheeseboard made right here in The Yorkshire Dales by local craftsman, Stuart Clarkson.

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