Homage to Yorkshire Cheese

The Wensleydale Creamery presents premium cheese range to celebrate handcrafted Yorkshire produce.


The Wensleydale Creamery is pleased to unveil their new premium range of cheese to celebrate its tradition, heritage and handcrafted cheese making expertise.  

The Premium range, ideal for a real Taste of Yorkshire on your cheeseboard, comprises of four cheeses: Wensleydale Blue, Kit Calvert ‘Old-Fashioned’ Wensleydale, Sheep’s Milk Wensleydale and Fountain’s Gold Cheddar.

David Hartley, Managing Director of the Wensleydale Creamery, said: “We are proud of our heritage and company ethos, and want to ensure our products reflect this. By broadening our range with this premium cheese offering, we aim to strengthen our position as skilled traditional cheese makers, renowned for our handcrafted cheese making expertise and to meet consumer demand for our high-end cheeses.

“In a year to celebrate all things British and Yorkshire, we are very excited to cement not only our company’s heritage and provenance, but that of the region’s dairy produce too. By adding another new addition to the Wensleydale family, after recently launching ‘Dales Butter,’ we hope to further help sustain the Dales economy.”


Premium Range Cheese Descriptions:

Kit Calvert – ‘Old Fashioned Wensleydale’. A lovingly handcrafted buttery, creamy textured cheese, celebrating the father of Wensleydale cheese ‘Kit Calvert’, who saved the Wensleydale Creamery from closure in 1930’s

Wensleydale Blue – A delicately flavoured creamy blue cheese that has a mellow, yet full flavour, appealing to newcomers to blue cheese and connoisseurs alike

Sheep’s Milk Wensleydale – A mild, fresh flavoured cheese with a smooth, creamy texture, made from pure sheep’s milk.

Fountain’s Gold – A cheddar style cheese, made from Jersey & Guernsey milk. The cheese displays a warm golden colour, with a rich, buttery full flavoured taste.

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