Digital Days Out Wednesday 8th April: Hot Cross Bun Cheese Pairing!

As you know, it’s been a long-standing tradition and very popular around Yorkshire, to serve our fruit cake with a slice of creamy, crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese….but have you ever tried it with a Hot Cross Bun?

It pairs perfectly! If you love a sweet and savoury combination – you have to give it a try! The fresh, clean flavour of our unique creamy and crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale creates a beautiful, savoury flavour contrast as it cuts through to complement the richness of the sweet fruit in the Hot Cross Bun!

Some enjoy a slice of strong cheddar on their Hot Cross bun Too…..with or without lashings of Yorkshire Butter. You may see cheese eaten with spiced bread such as Jamaican Ginger Buns. There’s a history lesson in this story!! Hot Cross Buns are traditionally made and consumed on Good Friday with the cross understood as a symbol of the crucifixion. When the British captured Jamaica in 1655 – they took their traditional Hot Cross Buns with them – over time, Jamaicans started making their own take on the British Hot Cross Bun, adding ginger, spices and molasses to the recipe! Traditionally in Jamaica – cheddar cheese is always served with their buns! Especially at Easter time!

Over the past couple of years – we’ve even mixed a Hot Cross Bun into our cheese – creating the perfect combination for Easter time. This is now on sale in Waitrose….if you can find any!

Give it a go – it’s a real taste sensation!

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