Digital Days Out Saturday 11th April – Cheesy Fun Facts

Here are some of the Fun Cheese Facts you’d found in and around our Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese Experience – great for banking in your memory to tell all of your friends at school or to impress a few friends at a Cheese & Wine night!

Did you know……

  • An average cow can spend up to eight hours a day eating!
  • A cow has four stomachs, the first and the largest is called the rumen.
  • The world’s smelliest cheese could be Epoisses. It is so smelly it has been banned from public transport all over France.
  • Other cheese-makers around the country can still produce Wensleydale cheese. However, only Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese is handcrafted right here in Wensleydale.
  • Cheese-making was introduced into Britain by the Romans.
  • Each year Britons consumer 600,000 tonnes of cheese….that’s equal to fifty thousand double-decker buses!
  • We use over 29 million litres of milk per year at the Wensleydale Creamery to make cheese. That would fill over ninety swimming pools!
  • Cheese-making in Wensleydale dates back to 1150 when Cistercian Monks settled and made their cheese here.






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