Creamery turns up the heat with new recycling technology

The Wensleydale Creamery has welcomed the arrival of the latest energy-saving technology to its visitor centre in Hawes, thanks to a grant from the Sustainable Development Fund.

The makers of the famous Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese have installed the latest recycling equipment, converting waste heat from the centre’s air conditioning plant, allowing hot water for the Creamery’s restaurant, kitchens and toilets to be provided much more cost effectively.

The Creamery is expected to save a staggering 60,000 kilowatt hours of energy consumption and will cut C02 emissions by 15 tonnes each year, reducing the cost of heating by £3,500 annually.

The ‘Heat Hog’ heat exchanger, installed by NU Heat Recovery, Beverley, became operational in April this year and the Creamery is already seeing the worthwhile effects.

Doug Potts, Engineering Manager at the Creamery, said: “I was really impressed with the results as soon as the system was put into operation. It began generating heat very quickly just by convection even before the electricity had been turned on, and the hot water coming out into the sinks was surprisingly warm.”

An educational information board, part-funded by the SDF grant, will help spread the message to the 200,000 visitors the Creamery welcomes each year; encouraging schools and colleges to find out more about the energy-saving technology.

The Creamery aims to become a central hub for artisan food manufacturers, pubs and restaurants in the Dales to learn how they too can prevent harmful emissions at the same time as saving money.


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