Christmas Traditions from across the Nation

From the pairing of Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese with Fruit Cake to Haggis Bon Bons, tuck into regional festive traditions this Christmas.

With the season of feasting approaching, the nation is stocking up on festive favourites, from mouth-watering mince pies to tasty pigs in blankets. Research conducted by Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, found that 1.6 million Christmas puddings were bought in October. However, outside of the Christmas classics, there are a whole host of other regional festive traditions being enjoyed across the UK.

We conducted some research and found that 56% of us always eat the same Christmas food and nearly two in five (38%) of Brits can’t remember the last time they tried something new at Christmas. In a bid to celebrate regional food traditions, we have been looking into other must-try festive foods from across the UK.

One such tradition, dating back to the 19th century, is serving a slice of creamy, crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with rich, sweet Fruit Cake – a complete classic and increasingly popular Christmas pairing, which sits proudly amongst the long-standing traditions of God’s Own County.

Sandra Bell, our Marketing Manager says: “The legendary Northern delicacy of eating Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with fruit cake is something we are proud to champion at the Wensleydale Creamery. We eat this delicacy all year round but especially more-so during the festive period. We love introducing more and more Brits to this Yorkshire combination every year and have no doubt that for those who try it, it will remain a firm favourite on many festive tables for years to come!”

We have explored a variety of festive foodie traditions across the nation, to encourage people to discover the wide variety of flavoursome Christmas traditions across the UK:

Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese with Fruit Cake – Yorkshire

A renowned Yorkshire delicacy, this classic Northern tradition consists of the iconic combination of Christmas fruit cake and Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese. A tradition that has been traced back to 1871, pairs a slice of the creamy, crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with a rich, sweet fruit cake to create a savoury flavour contrast that’s a feast for the senses. The unique fresh flavour and crumbly texture of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese creates a beautiful savoury flavour to both contrast and complement the richness of the sweet, indulgent fruit cake. Why not keep it local and pair your Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese with fruit cake from Cockett’s Bakery, founded in the market town of Hawes, just a stone’s throw from the Wensleydale Creamery!

Stargazing Pie – Cornwall

An unusual looking pie, the Stargazing Pie consists of fish heads protruding through the crust of the pie, so they appear to be gazing towards the stars. Originating from Mousehole in Cornwall, this pasty-based fish dish was traditionally eaten to celebrate the heroic catch of Tom Bawcock during a stormy winter. Ever since that day, Mousehole celebrates Tom Bawcock’s Eve on December 23rd with a slice of Stargazing Pie.

Traditional Christmas Welsh Goose Cawl – Wales

Traditionally, Goose was very common in the rural areas of Wales and has been the festive bird associated with Christmas in Wales over the centuries, with the hearty stew replacing the classic roast. Accompany this dish with gravy, mash potatoes and present with buttery apples and root vegetables for a colourful touch.

Spiced Beef – Ireland & Northern Ireland

A must for a traditional Irish Christmas is Spiced Beef, a form of salt beef, cured with a selection of spices. Originating from Cork, it remains a traditional festive dish across Ireland and Northern Ireland, and pairs perfectly with beet and horseradish cream.

Devils on Horseback – Cornwall

A perfect festive canape, Devils on Horseback are a hot appetizer which consist of sweet prunes wrapped in bacon. Originally from Cornwall, this dried fruit and meat combination is often served on toast, with chutney and mustard.

Haggis Bon Bons – Scotland

The perfect Scottish canape, Haggis Bon Bons are a staple piece to add to your Christmas feast, either as a snack or a deliciously Scottish Christmas trimming.

Melton Mowbray Pork Pie – Leicestershire

An ancient tradition that is still upheld today by families across Leicestershire, why not opt for a Pork Pie for your Christmas Day breakfast? The delicacy originated from the quintessentially English market town Melton Mowbray, and the pork pie has a distinctive hand-formed crust, containing uncured meat that’s chopped rather than minced.

Fancy adding some new traditions to your table over the festive period?  Don’t forget to add Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese and Fruit Cake to your local store shopping list! Or, if you fancy a trip out to the Dales, the famous Christmas combination is also available from the Wensleydale Creamery Visitor Centre, based in the market town of Hawes in Wensleydale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The Visitor Centre is also home to an amazing Gift Shop, where you can discover unique gifts, fantastic local produce, and of course, a delicious range of award-winning Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese.

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Christmas Traditions from across the Nation
From the pairing of Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese with Fruit Cake to Haggis Bon Bons, tuck into regional festive traditions this Christmas.
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