Cheese pairing with a chocolatey twist

A quirky cheese pairing with a deliciously sweet twist, chocolate and cheese may not be traditional bed fellows, but are a sweet and savoury taste sensation you need to get on board with!

Continuing on in our quest to discover new and exciting accompaniments for our handcrafted range, we’ve partnered with the team at award-winning, York based Choc Affair to bring you this delicious twist on classic flavour combinations.

“There’s something soul-satisfying about chocolate – like a miniature holiday for your senses.”

Founded in 2006 by Linda Barrie after discovering her children were intolerant to milk, Choc Affair’s delicious range has since grown to include a huge range of traditional chocolate, vegan and dairy free options, including some quirky limited-edition flavours and products along the way.

Chocolate with a conscience

Sourcing responsibly and focusing on sustainably have become an important part of Choc Affairs ethos, issues that resonate with us here at Wensleydale Creamery.

By paying a little extra paid for every kilo of raw materials helps reforest the cocoa-growing regions of Colombia from which they source, and whilst always ensuring that no cheap shortcuts like palm oil are used, Choc Affair support the small farms and cooperatives they work closely with, along with the local communities that surrounds them.

So as well as some seriously great business credentials, they also create some seriously delicious artisan products too…. Don’t believe us?  Give it a try!

Yorkshire Wensleydale | Honey Milk Chocolate

Our signature handcrafted creamy, crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale pairs beautifully with Choc Affair’s Honey Milk Chocolate. The natural sweet honey aroma of our cheese is complimented by the sweet and indulgent 45% cocoa solids milk chocolate. A small piece of chocolate is all you need to elevate our cheese to new heights!

Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cranberries | Dark Chocolate Orange

Our Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cranberries is brought alive by pairing it with Choc Affairs Dark Chocolate Orange, with the zingy, citrus flavours of the orange and 60% cocoa solids dark chocolate pair perfectly with the creamy fruitiness of the cheese.

Yorkshire Wensleydale & Ginger | Lime & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

The cool, crisp and lively flavours in the Lime & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bring together a tang and a warmth when paired with our Yorkshire Wensleydale & Ginger, with it’s cool fresh flavour complimented the warming ginger notes.

An effortless pairing, this a truly delicious experience for those with an ultra-sweet tooth!

Try it for yourself! Our NEW! Cheese & Chocolate Tasting Box is available to buy online now and is the perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth.

Choc Affairs range is also available to buy in our Cheese & Gift Shop here at the Creamery. Make sure you pop in and pick some up the next time you visit.

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