Digital Days Out Monday 6th April – Cheese Making Step 1: Pasteurisation & Vat Filling!

Pasteurisation – The method of heat treatment known as pasteurisation was pioneered by Louis Pasteur, the French Chemist during the 19th Century. Milk, fresh from the farm is heated to 72 Degrees Celcius and held at this temperature for 15 seconds, destroying any micro-organisms which may be harmful to humans. The nutritional composition of the milk is not adversely affected.

Vat Filling – Cooled pasteurised milk is pumped into the cheese vats! We have four vats in our Creamery. Our two ‘smaller’ vats hold 10,000 litres of milk, which will be converted into approximately 1 tonne of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese. Our two ‘large’ vats each hold 15,000 litres of milk which will be converted into approximately 1.5 tonnes of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese.

Come back tomorrow to see the next step!

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