British Pie Week

Here in the UK, we’re famous for our love of pies – particularly in the North!

The origin of the pie can be traced back as far as the ancient Greeks, who created a makeshift pastry to place over meat for cooking, to help keep the juices in. The pastry was never intended to be eaten. The Romans made miniature pies containing fruits or small birds, which would form part of a lavish banquet.

The pie became a staple for farmers and tradesmen, who would spend long hours in the fields or travelling, because it was easy to transport.

But in the modern day, pies can be sweet or savoury, topped with filo, shortcrust or puff pastry, mashed potato, or breadcrumbs. And the fillings become ever more exciting!

In Calvert’s Restaurant at our Visitor Centre, you will find our famous Calvert’s Drunken Steak Pie – a heart-warming combination of Dales beef, local Black Sheep Ale and heavenly pastry. You’ll also find specials including fruit pies, which are simply delicious served the Yorkshire Way, with a slice of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese.

We love to celebrate our roots, so this British Pie Week, you’ll find a different pie on the Restaurant specials board each day, and our delectable Three Cheese & Onion Pie will be available in our 1897 Coffee Shop too. And of course, everything is homemade and locally sourced!

We look forward to celebrating British Pie Week with you. Why not let us know how you use our range of award-winning handcrafted cheeses in pies at home?

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