British Cheese Board reveals scientific formula for the ultimate cheese on toast…and it’s Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese!

The British Cheese Board (BCB) has unveiled the formula for the perfect cheese on toast, tested and determined together with the Royal Society of Chemistry, ensuring that everyone can achieve cheesey perfection time after time, as long as it’s with Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese!


In June the British Cheese Board invited members of the public to share its favourite cheese on toast recipes. Using the very best of 120 recipes sent from all corners of the country, the Cheese Board worked alongside the Royal Society of Chemistry to undertake a series of rigorous scientific tests to understand the formula for creating one of the country’s favourite snacks.


After careful consideration, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Ruth Neale and Nigel White of the British Cheese Board concluded that the ultimate cheese on toast can be made by following the formula below:

–       50g of sliced hard cheese

–       10mm thick white bread

–       Grill for 4 minutes, at a temperature of 115oC, with the cheese on toast 18cm in distance from the grill


As part of the judging process, the six best cheese on toast recipes, generously shared by the UK public, were also tested by a panel of foodies including celebrity chef Tim Cresswell of The Hungry Boys, British cheese fan, Thomas Frater and Nigel White. One special recipe sent in by British cheese enthusiast Steve Tickle stole the hearts of all the judges. His winning combination of Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese, mustard, spring onions and bacon, finished off with fresh mint and slices of Braeburn apple proved to be a unanimous favourite on the day, providing the perfect balance of traditional ingredients and an unexpected flavour twist.


Nigel White, Secretary of the British Cheese Board, commented:

“We received over 100 entries to our cheese on toast competition and were delighted to see that the UK public has been making this simple meal in so many adventurous ways and using so many different types of British cheese. In the end the winning recipe had everything our judging panel was looking for: originality, quality British ingredients, ease of preparation, and above all it tasted delicious!”


David Hartley, Managing Director of The Wensleydale Creamery, said: “We are delighted that Wensleydale cheese has been recognised for its ability to make the perfect cheese on toast. Our Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, handcrafted in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales to a time-honoured recipe, using milk from local farms, and whose origins can be traced back to 1150, has long been served as an accompaniment to toast.  In fact we’ve served this at our on-site Visitor Centre at the Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes for many years, and is a popular choice among our visitors.


“The unique crumbly texture of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese makes it the perfect choice for cheese on toast.  Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese gently melts and also retains some of its structure whilst doing so.  This works really well, as the cheese doesn’t run off the toast and create a culinary disaster!  The subtle flavour or Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese makes it very versatile too – it is perfect for pairing with other ingredients.  We’d like to congratulate Steve Tickle on this winning entry and welcome other fans of our cheese along to our Visitor Centre, to celebrate Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese on toast with us.”


Here is Steve Tickle’s winning Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese on toast recipe:

(Serves up to four people)


225g Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese

4 rashers unsmoked back bacon

4 small spring onions

4 slices of white bread

1 teaspoon Colemans English Mustard


Optional extras

Mint leaves and thin slices of Braeburn apple to garnish



Place crumbled cheese and 1 teaspoon of English Mustard in a non stick pan over a very low heat – the longer you render it the better the taste.

Meanwhile, microwave (3-4 mins. 800 watt. on a piece of kitchen towel) or grill bacon, then cut into 1 inch squares (keep stirring the cheese so that it does not burn or stick). 

Add chopped spring onions to melted cheese together with chopped bacon and mix. Place the above on the hot toast, put under the grill for 30 seconds and then serve on a hot plate and enjoy!



Cover with some fresh washed mint leaves or ½ of a thinly sliced Braeburn apple







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