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Crumble It!

Crumble It!

Make special meal occasions even more special with a crumble of Yorkshire Wensleydale.

Creamy, crumbly and full of flavour…we’ve been handcrafting delicious Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese for generations.

The secret to the popularity of this classic cheese?

A distinctive crumbly texture, steeped in history and years of knowledge, skill and craftsmanship, passed down through generations of expert cheese-makers that is now widely celebrated.

Achieving the perfect crumble to our award-winning Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese requires a closely guarded, time-honoured recipe that only a privileged few get their hands on.

Whether in pride of place on a cheeseboard or sliced on top of fruitcake, our much-loved cheese has been enjoyed for generations.

However, it’s within our favourite dishes where the crumbly texture and creamy taste of Yorkshire Wensleydale really speaks for itself.

Due to its unique structure, Yorkshire Wensleydale doesn’t melt like other cheese when cooked, it retains its wonderful texture and flavour. That’s why this iconic cheese lends itself so nicely to adding that special touch to recipes - crumbled into a warm summer greens salad and enjoyed in the garden or crumbled onto a delicious tart to take to a picnic. It really is a cheese perfect for a whole host of special occasions

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Crumble It! Recipes

Yorkshire Chef, Steph Moon has designed a selection of delicious Summer recipes for us to share with you.

See how you can add that special crumble of Yorkshire Wensleydale to your favourite dish.

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