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Crumble It!

Digital Days Out to Wensleydale Creamery!

Enjoy a ‘Digital Day Out’ to Wensleydale Creamery and take a journey through the art of cheese-making in Wensleydale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales from the comfort of your own home! 


Welcome to our Digital Days Out!!! Hi, Hello, Howdie Cheese Pals! ✌️ 

We hope you're all keeping safe and staying at home! We're sad we had to close the doors to our Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese Experience a couple of weeks ago but came up with our Digital Days Out plan to make sure nobody misses out on the cheesy fun, facts and demonstrations!

Cheese-making Demonstration

Easter Bunny Hats Kids Activity

*Close your eyes and imagine*

Cheese Making Step 1: Pasteurisation & Vat Filling


Thank you to everybody who has joined us so far on our "Digital Days Out" - over 2000 of you have watched our videos so far.

Guess The Famous Landmark Quiz!

Find Out How We Wax Our Cheese

Cheese Making Step 2: Starter Culture Addition 

Today - see how we make our much-loved Yorkshire Butter, find out what Rennet is & see how you can enjoy our Yorkshire Wensleydale with Hot Cross Buns this Easter!

Butter-making Demonstration

Cheese Making Step 3: Rennet Addition

Cheese Pairing: Hot Cross Bun & Yorkshire Wensleydale

Hump Day Pizza Recipe!

Learn how to build the perfect cheeseboard, enjoy a Cheesy Kids Quiz and learn more about farming and cheese-making in Wensleydale!  

Meet The Farmer!

Build The Perfect Cheeseboard!

Cheesy Kids Quiz!

Pairing Masterclass with Friends of Wensleydale!

It's time to continue on our cheese-making journey. Today, find out how a Cow makes milk, how we make our cheese and how we make Wensleydale Blue! Plus, our Expert Cheese-Grader Phil hosts a tutored Cheese-tasting!

See how we make Blue Cheese!

Join Phil, our top Cheese-Expert for a Cheese Pairing & Grading Tutorial

Find Out How A Cow Makes Milk

Cheese Making Step 4: Cutting, stirring & scalding

Howdie Cheese Pals! ✌️ 

Today you can find out how Yorkshire Cheddar is made and why it's different to Yorkshire Wensleydale with a tour inside the Creamery with local chef, Stephanie Moon! After, swot up on some fun cheesy facts before discovering our most favourite Signatute Dishes served in our Calvert's Restaurant - with recipes so you can give them a go at home!

Find out how Yorkshire Cheddar is made!

Fun Cheesy Facts!

A Wensleydale Creamery Foodie Night In!

Cheese-making Step 5: Pitching

Today we're joined by our top Cheese Specialist Phil Jones who has worked in the cheese industry for over 40 years! See how he grades and compares different types of cheese!

Join Phil our Cheese Specialist to learn how our award-winning cheeses are different from one another!

10 Facts you didn't know about Cheese-making and Wensleydale Creamery!

Cheese-making Step 6: Texture Development

We hope you've enjoyed all of thr activities so far!

Today, join in with our Guess the Cheese Quiz, Learn all about how we salt our cheese and download fun Wallace and Gromit colouring pages to colour in at home!

Cheese-making Demonstration

Guess the Cheese Quiz

Cheese-making Process Step 7: Salting

Kids Colouring Activity 

Today we're introducing you to a Charity Cheese Auction and sharing our favouite baking recipes! You can also learn more about the cheese-making process and how Wensleydale Creamery is doing it's bit for the enviroment!

Cheese-making Process Step 8 - Milling

Learn how our whey heats over 1000 homes!

Cheese Auction!

Let's get baking!

Learn more about cheese-making and read about our much-loved Cheese Shop at our Visitor Centre. Plus, discover the true Yorkshire Delicacy of Fruit Cake and Cheese!

Cheese-making Step 9: Mould Filling

Cheesecake filled Easter Eggs!

Our Cheese Shop 

Fruit Cake and Cheese:  A true Yorkshire Delicacy!

Learn more about the fascinating process of cheese-making, butter making and be inspired get crumbling Yorkshire Wensleydale on your summer salads!

Cheese-making Step 10: Pressing

Wensley-dar-ley Crumble It Salads

More Cheese Facts You Didn't Know!

Butter-making Demonstration!

If you're a big fan of our Smoked Yorkshire Wensleydale or Smoked Cheddar - this one is for you. Learn how we smoke our award-winning cheese in our on-site smoke house! Get baking with our Rice Krispie cake recipe idea - don't worry if you don't have any Rice Krispies n the house - any cereal will taste just as good! 

Plus, learn how Yorkshire Wensleydale became Wallace's favourite cheese! 

Learn how we smoke our cheese!

Kids Chocolate Krispie  Cake Recipe

How we became Wallace's favourite cheese!

We're at our penultimate Digtial Day Out! 

Today, join our Top Cheese-expert Phil and learn the secret to what makes Yorkshire Wensleydale so crumbly! 

Read all about our famous guests and join in with a cheese-making artefact quiz! Good luck!

Find out Why Yorkshire Wensleydale crumbles!

Our famous guests - you're in good company!

'What is this?' Quiz!

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