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The Fine Cheese Co. Gluten-Free Water Crackers

Made from maize flour, soya bran and tapioca, it is wheat free, gluten free and dairy free.It has a toasty flavour and is thin and crunchy and a great addition to the range.


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Maize Starch, Soya Bran, Pregelatinised Tapioca Starch, Palm Oil, Invert Sugar, Salt, Raising Agent (Ammonium Bicarbonate), Emulsifier (Diacetyltartaric Acid Esters of Fatty Acids). Contains: Soya.

Energy 1728 kJ | 411 kcal / Fat 12.8 g, of which saturates 5.4 g / Carbohydrates 73.1 g, of which sugars 2.2 g / Protein 5.5 g / Salt 0.95 g

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