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Category: Yorkshire Cheddar

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Yorkshire Cheddar Cheese Straws with a Yorkshire Cheddar Melting Pot

Perfect for sharing or to indulge on your own! Yorkshire Cheddar Cheese Straws with a delicious Cheddar melting pot. Yorkshire Cheddar now lies under the Yorkshire Creamery brand! Learn more here:

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Cod Bake with Yorkshire Cheddar Crumble Crust

Extra Mature Yorkshire Cheddar baked Cod - extra-mature cheese is a perfect match with fish!

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Yorkshire Cheddar & White Onion Soup

Discover new Yorkshire Cheddar and our mouth-wateringly scrumptious Yorkshire Cheddar and White Onion Soup

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Macaroni Cheese

A magnificent mac! The ultimate comfort food is even more soothing with Yorkshire Cheddar, Yorkshire Red and a bit of Double Yorkshire stirred in. Their golden colour and buttery flavours are just the thing to give it a creamy boost.

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