April 2020


Digital Days Out Thursday 9th April: Cheesy Kids Quiz!

We hope you’re having a fun time at our Digital Days Out! Take part in our Cheesy Kids Quiz. See below for some clues!   True or False: Some cheese is the colour orange due to cheese-makers using orange milk which comes from farmers feeding their cows lots of carrots.   What is Wallace’s favourite cheese from the animation series of ‘Wallace and Gromit’?   How tall was the World’s Tallest Cow: Blossom from USA? 160cm 175cm 195cm 250cm   How many times a day do farmers milk their cows?... Read More


Digital Days Out Thursday 9th April: Meet The Farmer!

Last year we held a fantastic ‘Meet the Farmer’ Q&A to celebrate #Fam24 (24 Hours in Farming) – Ben form The Home Farmer joined us! Here’s a snippet of his Q&A! A few fun facts about Ben: – His favourite cow is called ‘Beyonce’ – His farm has just started making Wensleydale Cheese –> We sell it in our webshop HERE! – The oldest cow he has is 17! – He wakes up every day at 4am to milk his herd! 🚜🧀🐮🐄 We’re hoping to host another Q&A with Ben... Read More


Digital Days Out Wednesday 8th April: Hump Day Pizza Recipe!

Make your Pizza even more special with a crumble of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese! Zero guilt in times like these! Enjoy! Serves 2 • Prepare in 10 mins Ingredients One Pizza Base 6 tablespoons of Passata tomato sauce 1 red onion 1 ripe avocado 1 garlic clove 10 slices of Parma ham 100g Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese 2 sprigs of fresh basil Method 1. Finely chop the garlic and half a red onion and fry in a pan until soft 2. Add the passata and heat through 3. Place three tablespoons of passata onto... Read More


Digital Days Out Wednesday 8th April: Hot Cross Bun Cheese Pairing!

As you know, it’s been a long-standing tradition and very popular around Yorkshire, to serve our fruit cake with a slice of creamy, crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese….but have you ever tried it with a Hot Cross Bun? It pairs perfectly! If you love a sweet and savoury combination – you have to give it a try! The fresh, clean flavour of our unique creamy and crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale creates a beautiful, savoury flavour contrast as it cuts through to complement the richness of the sweet fruit in the Hot Cross... Read More


Digital Days Out Wednesday 8th April: Cheese-making Step 3 – Rennet Addition

Rennet is added after the ripening period and is stirred into the milk. The milk is allowed to stand and ‘set’ for a further 40-45 minutes, during which time the milk coagulates to form a semi-solid jelly-like junket. Some of you at home may remember eating ‘junket’ while you were young! To test that the milk has ‘set’ we do the ‘back of the hand’ test! Watch out for it in the video! Rennet is a complex set of enzymes traditionally produced in the stomachs of ruminant mammals. Chymosin, its... Read More


Digital Days Out Wednesday 8th April: Butter-making Demonstration!

  See how Chris makes our luxurious Yorkshire Butter from just milk and salt! Normally during a butter demonstration at The Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese Experience – you’d be given your own little butter-making pot to shake! You **COULD** try this at home, however, you need to get the salt ratio perfect! It might not taste like the real thing!


Digital Days Out Tuesday 7th April: Cheese-making Step 2 -Starter Culture Addition

We guess you’re wondering – how does milk turn into cheese?! To start the process of cheese-making, a special blend of bacteria called a starter culture is added to the milk. Following the addition of the starter culture, the milk is allowed to ‘ripen’ for up to 1 1/2 hours. During the ripening stage, the starter cultures reproduce and grow. As they grow, they feed on the lactose or ‘milk sugar’, converting it into lactic acid, and so begin to ‘sour’ the milk!      


Digital Days Out Tuesday 7th April – Learn how we wax our cheese!

Do you love our delightful collection of cheeses, wrapped in a variety of colourful waxes? The perfect gift for cheese lovers, which look fantastic on a cheeseboard too! But do you know how they’re made? Many are surprised that we dip the cheese directly into the wax! Our wax machine needs a full clean down each and every time we change wax colours and cheese variety – this way we won’t mix any of our colours together! Do you have a favourite waxed truckle colour or cheese?! Let us know... Read More


Digital Days Out Tuesday 7th April – Guess The Famous Landmark Quiz!

We know all fans of Yorkshire Wensleydale are BIG fans of Yorkshire! But how well do you know certain landmarks? With a pen and a piece of paper – write down your answers! We’ll post the answers on Wednesday 8th April in our Facebook Event – so we don’t ruin it for anyone! Good luck!!                    


Digital Days Out Monday 6th April – Cheese Making Step 1: Pasteurisation & Vat Filling!

Pasteurisation – The method of heat treatment known as pasteurisation was pioneered by Louis Pasteur, the French Chemist during the 19th Century. Milk, fresh from the farm is heated to 72 Degrees Celcius and held at this temperature for 15 seconds, destroying any micro-organisms which may be harmful to humans. The nutritional composition of the milk is not adversely affected. Vat Filling – Cooled pasteurised milk is pumped into the cheese vats! We have four vats in our Creamery. Our two ‘smaller’ vats hold 10,000 litres of milk, which will... Read More