April 2020


Yorkshire Red, Ham and Pineapple Toastie

Love it or Loathe it – the nation is always divided by whether it’s okay or not to have pineapple on your pizza. The Yorkshire Creamery took it to the next level and created a cheese toastie with their Yorkshire Red cheese.


Digital Days Out Saturday 18th April: Why Yorkshire Wensleydale crumbles!

Creamy, crumbly and full of flavour…we’ve been handcrafting delicious Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese for generations. The secret to the popularity of this classic cheese? A distinctive crumbly texture, steeped in history and years of knowledge, skill and craftsmanship, passed down through generations of expert cheese-makers that is now widely celebrated. Achieving the perfect crumble to our award-winning Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese requires a closely guarded, time-honoured recipe that only a privileged few get their hands on. Due to its unique structure, Yorkshire Wensleydale doesn’t melt like other cheese when cooked, it retains... Read More


Digital Days Out Thursday 16th April: Wensley-dar-ley Crumble It Salads

Have you been joining in with Joe Wicks’ ‘PE with Joe’ videos every day since lockdown? Have you heard how he pronounces Wensleydale? It really made us chuckle. Wensley-dar-ley! Watch the video here! He’ll be pleased to know that we’ve really been trying to ‘eat clean’ over the past couple of weeks. We’re loving fresh and crisp salads – especially now the sun is out! Add something special to your a salad with a crumble of Yorkshire Wensleydale – the crumbly texture and creamy taste of Yorkshire Wensleydale really speaks for... Read More


Digital Days Out Wednesday 15th April – A True Yorkshire Delicacy

We proudly champion the flavoursome match of Yorkshire Wensleydale & Fruit Cake – we even commissioned a nationwide survey with Opinion Matters to explore other foodie traditions and pairings. Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese and fruit cake is a truly popular Christmas pairing and sits proudly amongst the long-standing traditions of God’s Own County. However, we love to eat this treat all-year-round! The combination of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with fruit cake is a renowned Yorkshire delicacy, with the creamy, crumbly flavour of the cheese complementing the rich, sweet fruit cake. Our online... Read More


Digital Days Out Tuesday 14th April – Doing Our Bit For The Environment!

Whey Permeate to heat over 800 homes We’re thrilled to share this exciting story with you which we’re very proud to be involved in. Our passion for cheese-making is now helping to heat homes in the area thanks to the conversion of our leftover whey (which is a fantastically versatile by-product of cheese-making) and love of our environment & landscape that has brought about an exciting renewable-energy initiative! Read the news story below! We produce 4000 tonnes of cheese every year at our creamery in Hawes in the heart of... Read More


Digital Days Out Sunday 12th April – Cheese-making Step 6: Texture Development

The mass of curd left on the working table is ‘worked’ (cut up and stirred) to allow the remaining whey to run off freely. The finished texture of the Yorkshire Wensleydale is determined by how well the curd is worked at this stage. Good texture is developed by stirring the curd at precisely the right times. As the curd is worked, more whey is released. The working colls the curd and so reduces the activity of the starter culture.


Digital Days Out Sunday 12th April – 10 Facts you didn’t know about Cheese-making and Wensleydale Creamery!

Our smoked cheese is naturally smoked over oak chip for 24 hours to create a natural smoked flavour. You can tell a cheese has been naturally smoked by the lines on the surface of the cheese. 2. In 2013, our Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese achieved European Protected Food Name Status (PGI). Yorkshire Wensleydale is only made at Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes, in Wensleydale! 3. The Wensleydale Creamery sources its milk from 43 local family farms, 65% of which farmland classified as ‘Disadvantaged Areas’, typically hill farms with sheep & dairy cows.... Read More