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Our Cheeses

Our range of artisan cheeses are handcrafted by a team of devoted master Cheese-makers to time-honoured recipes, using milk from local farms. From Yorkshire Wensleydale, to Wensleydale Blue, to Sheep’s Milk Wensleydale to Kit Calvert Old-Style Wensleydale, our cheeses are matured under the watchful eye of our specialist Cheese-grader.

Our Cheese

Yorkshire Brie

Beautifully soft & creamy, handcrafted from Yorkshire milk.

A luxurious, white mould-ripened brie with a deliciously silky texture and at its peak ripeness, a mouth-wateringly oozy cheese with a savoury flavour and clotted cream finish.


Rich and creamy salted butter, traditionally churned from fresh Yorkshire cream.

Yorkshire Butter

Naturally Oak Smoked Cheese

We naturally smoke cheese over oak chips in our on-site smoke-house. The rind of the cheese adopts a golden beech colour, whilst the natural smoke flavour permeates the body of the cheese.

Blended Cheese

Our blended cheese range is carefully combined with the finest ingredients. Available in a variety of size, shape and formats including pre-pack, miniature waxed cheese truckles, larger half moon cheeses and slices.

Blended Cheese

Yorkshire Yogurt

A premium, naturally thick and creamy yogurt, with nothing added except for a delicious fruit layer, made using Yorkshire milk.

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