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The story of Wensleydale is one of passion, tradition, and plenty of good old Yorkshire determination.
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Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese is made by hand, as it always has been, by a devoted team of master cheese-makers to whom Wensleydale isn’t just a cheese – it’s their way of life.

So come and pay us a visit at the Wensleydale Creamery Visitor Centre in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Learn more about our story, and have the chance to see our cheese-makers in action. There are also plenty of opportunities to taste every Wensleydale cheese variety and see why we’ve received so many prestigious cheese awards.
Tradition, dedication and devotion – that’s the story of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese. Read all about it here.
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The Traditional and Blended selections of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheeses are handcrafted to time-honoured recipes at our Wensleydale Creamery. Click here to discover these exciting cheeses now.
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The Premium collection of cheeses is one to truly savour. Click here to find out more about the Premium selection now.
Premium Cheeses
Spread the word about our delectable Dales Butter, traditionally churned from fresh Yorkshire Dales cream for an irresistible taste. Click here to discover Dales Butter now.
Discover some tasty recipes using our range of Yorkshire Wensleydale cheeses. Be inspired by our chefs ideas and recreate some of those delicious dishes enjoyed at our restaurant.
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